Monkey Scrub Natural products, Safe for you and your family, Healing for your skin conditions, Gentle and Nourishing, Choose what nature has given us!

Monkey Scrub olive oil soaps & skincare products are made with South Australian olive oil & beeswax. Lots of yummy butters & oils, natural raw materials & 100% pure essential oils & some organic ingredients.

We believe that everything that goes onto your skin should be something you would put into your body, because the truth of the matter is, that is where it is going!

Monkey Scrub understands the importance of natural ingredients being put onto our skin and thrives to achieve a market that is not only excellent quality but also affordable for all!

We use recycleable packaging, like glass bottles, for our moisturisers and massage oils that are not made with petrochemicals and are good for you & our environment!

In using this skincare range, be prepared for soft, luscious & youthful skin!